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so much more than just ink on paper.

It is an incredibly diverse industry, and one that you see and touch all day, every day. If you go through an average day, step by step, you’ll see that you touch and experience Print hundreds, if not thousands, of times. Opening a bag of coffee, unwrapping a bagel, closing the flaps on a box of cereal, pouring from a carton of milk… all Print. And that’s just breakfast! Then there’s shampoo containers, “please stand here” floor decals, pizza boxes, tickets to the big game, and that amazing giant mural that catches your eye every time you drive by the stadium. All Print, and all communicating a message designed just for you!

a career opportunity for almost everyone.

The Printing Industry is vast, and encompasses almost every skillset. It’s big enough to welcome the dreamers, the creatives, the thinkers, the analysts, the engineers, and the tinkerers. There is printing equipment that must be designed, built, maintained, monitored and upgraded on a regular basis. And most of that equipment runs on computer programs, so we need designers and programmers, too. And let’s not forget the marketing and sales people who help all of our creations find their way out into the world.

We also welcome accountants and CFO-types. After all, this is a huge industry, and someone has to keep track of the money! Whether you have a high school diploma, a college degree, or a lifetime of experience, if you have the desire to work, PRINT IS… the place for you.

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